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West Wind the Pegasus by Taren14
West Wind the Pegasus
So, this here is a commissioned drawing made for me by :iconthe-chibster:, showing one of the newest characters that I've come up with, West Wind the pegasus. 

West Wind is the eldest son of an earth pony father and a pegasus mother, inheriting his mom's wings but his dad's size (he's about as big as Big Macintosh). He has a younger brother named Rocket who's also a pegasus but smaller and slimmer than he is. West Wind was around eight years old when his parents divorced, parting amicably because West Wind's dad believed that he couldn't give his mom the life she wanted and wanted her to be happy and able to do what she wanted. West Wind still holds a grudge against his dad for it, and the two normally don't talk much because of it. West Wind lives in Ponyville and works at the hospital there as a pediatrician, which ties into his cutie mark; he's good at taking care of ponies and is even better at keeping them calm and happy, which he decided to put to use comforting foals that were in the hospital and scared of what they might be there for, which has won him a lot of respect and love around town. He got his cutie mark after he once stayed home from school to help his sick mom when he was little. He doesn't like the heart part of his cutie mark because he thinks pink is girly.

Despite West Wind's size he's not a bully or a confident stallion at all, really. He's actually got self esteem issues because his size causes him to not be as fast as a normal pegasus might be, and not able to do very many stunts. Despite this he loves Rocket and his half-brother Starry Sky (the son of his mom's second husband, a bat pony) with all of his heart, and normally serves as their voice of reason that they can always come to for advice. He's really a big softy at heart, though he can be fierce if you make him angry, especially if you try and hurt or insult his brothers or mother. Though his birth dad is from Appleloosa he doesn't really have the accent for it, though if he gets excited or angry enough it'll start slipping back in. 
Kale vs Deborah Part 3 by Taren14
Kale vs Deborah Part 3
Kale crouched, then jerked forward as his left arm swung back. Giving a loud yell of effort he swung the uppercut forward, and was rewarded with a loud SPLAT as it landed firmly in Deborah's belly. The cat jackknifed around the punch, her arms on either side of Kale's waist as he ground the glove in, feeling it sink in deep in Deborah's soft gut. The turnbuckle groaned in protest as Deborah's eyes bulged, her pupils shrinking drastically as her cheeks puffed and her mouth puckered. Drool flew from her lips, splattering on the canvas as Kale held his glove in her stomach.

Deborah gagged and choked for a few more seconds before she gave a soft gurgle, her eyes closing as she slumped, collapsing completely over Kale's glove, her limbs and tail hanging limp. 

Kale held his glove in her stomach a little bit more, giving it one final shove before he pulled it back. Deborah collapsed face-flat on the mat, Kale backing up a bit to see if she would regain consciousness and get up. Thirty seconds of waiting brought no change, and Kale took this to mean the match was over. Pulling the laces of his gloves loose with his teeth he dropped them on the canvas and knelt, turning Deborah over. Her closed eyes finally twitched, and the cat let out a groan as she slowly opened her eyes to the bright fluorescent bulbs of the gym. Kale smiled as her eyes focused on him, and she let a tired smile work its way across her lips. 

"How do you feel?" Kale asked.

"Like I got hit by a truck," she replied. She put one gloved hand on her stomach, coughing slightly. "You really hit hard."

"Sorry." Kale extended a hand and helped her sit up. "I'd be open for a rematch, if you are. Later. When you're better."

Deborah chuckled, nodding as she started taking off her own gloves. "We'll see. Maybe you can take on Batista before I try my hand again. Maybe he'll soften you up."

Kale quirked an eyebrow. "Batista?"

"My boyfriend. He's a bull." 

Crap, Kale thought. He still smiled. "We'll see. I have fought my share of big guys." He extended a hand. "Good match, anyway. Hope we can do it again sometime."

Deborah took the offered hand and shook. "Same here. 
Part 3 of 3 for :icondrawing-4ever:'s commission of my character Kale fighting his character Deborah. It took a while, but it was well worth the wait for it. 
Kale vs Deborah Part 2 by Taren14
Kale vs Deborah Part 2
The fight continued for a few tense minutes, though neither fighter was able to score a decisive hit on the other. Grunts of effort were drowned out by calls of encouragement from the audience, Kale and Deborah's gloves flashing out, around, over, and under as they worked at each other's guards, trying to find a way through one another's defenses. They circled constantly, moving back and forth around the ring. Now sweating from their efforts, could tell that Deborah, for her smaller size, still had more stamina than he did. He needed another break like before. Blocking a right hook on one of his gloves he shoved forward, jabbing at her nose. It popped Deborah right on target, snapping her head back with a loud meow, more of surprise than of pain. Blinking tears from her eyes Deborah turtled up, crouching as Kale continually jabbed at her, his gloves thumping against hers. They didn't do any damage, but they were forcing Deborah backwards and into the corner even as Deborah tried to counterattack.

Kale blocked or dodged each punch, turning occasionally to take blows on his muscular shoulders as he shoved and punched at Deborah. Finally, Deborah felt her back hit the turnbuckle. Shooting out a left jab, Kale jerked his head to the side, swinging a meteoric right hook downward and towards her cheek. Deborah couldn't pull her glove back in time, and Kale grinned in triumph again as another WHAM filled the gym when Kale's glove once again slammed into her cheek. This time it simply swiped across her face, hitting hard enough to roll the skin on her other cheek up to match the effects of the blow that had landed on her before. More spit flew from Deborah's mouth and over the ropes, a loud grunt of pain coming out of her mouth as her gloves dropped. Kale's ears twitched as he pulled back, his expression pensive as he waited to see if she would recover. 

Deborah remained standing but at the same time looked dazed, blinking and swaying slowly. She'd really gotten her bell rung from the punch, it seemed. Kale shrugged and ratcheted his left arm back, swinging it upward in a hard uppercut that connected flush on Deborah's chin. Deborah yelped again as her head snapped backward, drool flying upward and back as her mouthpiece was thrown from her mouth to land on the floor outside the ring. Kale backed away, enough that Deborah could recover but not so much that she could hit him easily or get out of the corner without having to get past him. 

She looked really dazed, Kale thought to himself as Deborah slowly shook her head, blinking as she tried to right herself from the two powerful hits. He kept his gloves up just in case she took a swipe at him, but raised an eyebrow at her. "You alright?"

Deborah's nod was less enthusiastic this time, her smile dimmer, but she got her guard up regardless. "Y-y-yeah. I...I'm fine."

Her guard was sloppy and broken, and her stance was loose. Kale bunched his muscles again as he prepared for what he assumed would be the final blow of the fight.
Part 2 of 3 of a commission from :icondrawing-4ever: of my character Kale Jumper fighting his character Deborah the cat. Last picture is coming up!
Kale vs Deborah Part 1 by Taren14
Kale vs Deborah Part 1
Kale thumped his gloves together as he looked across the ring at the cat in the other corner. Her name was Deborah, and from what he'd heard from the various other gym-goers she was actually pretty good; their descriptions of her beating various opponents in both boxing AND wrestling had piqued his interest, and so he had challenged her in an attempt to see if all of the hype was true. Deborah had accepted eagerly, and now the two stood across the ring from one another, Kale in his customary black shorts and brown gloves while Deborah wore a green two-piece and gold gloves. Her long black hair swished from side to side as she tossed a few warm-up jabs before she looked up at him, grinning. "You ready?"

"Whenever you are," Kale replied, grinning as well. Biting down a few times to make sure his mouthpiece was in securely, Kale approached Deborah as she reached the center of the ring, extending his gloves to tap. Deborah thumped hers against his, yellow hitting brown before they backed away, getting their guards up and circling. Deborah's tail flicked eagerly, her ears twitching as she waited for an opening. As they continued to circle, Kale took his eyes off of her briefly to see that they had an audience, the various gym-goers now distracted from their own workouts by the fight. 

Deborah took advantage of his distraction to shoot forward, one glove swinging in a hard right hook. Kale turned back just in time, ducking low to avoid it. Deborah's punch sailed over his head, ruffling his ears before he swung a left hook at her ribs. They connected with a solid THUD, Deborah grunting in pain as she backed up. Kale straightened up and advanced, shooting out a pair of jabs that she was able to block with her gloves. She countered with a right cross at Kale's face, but he jerked his head to the side, feeling the edge of her glove grind across his cheek as he circled to her left and swung a right hook at her face. Deborah ducked under the punch and then swung a left uppercut aimed at his chin, Kale fighting through the slight burning sensation on his cheek to take two quick steps backward, avoiding the uppercut. The exchange over, they continued circling one another.

She was quick, Kale had to admit. Her moves were sharp, strong, and hard. But while she may have been quicker, Kale was stronger. He would have to hit her as hard as possible to put her down before she could wear him down with her hits. 

She took the initiative again, shooting forward and this time throwing a hard uppercut aimed right at Kale's stomach. He spun to the side, feeling the wind from her punch as she went by. Kale bunched his muscles and set his feet, and as Deborah regained her balance after the uppercut he grinned. Gotcha! 

A hard left straight rocketed forward, Deborah not having time to dodge it before...


Kale's glove buried itself in Deborah's cheek, turning her head to the side as she gasped in pain. Spit flew from her mouth, the skin on her cheek rolling up far enough to push her eye closed as Kale's glove skated off of her cheek, sending her stumbling to the ropes. Panting lightly, Kale relished briefly in the cheers of some of the crowd. He dropped his guard briefly, watching Deborah as she rubbed her face, leather burns from the hit to her cheek already visible through her fur, matted in the shape of a large boxing glove. 

"You okay?" he asked, raising one eyebrow. 

Deborah gave her cheek a final rub with her glove and then grinned, nodding. "Yeah. I'm good." She got her guard back up and Kale mimicked her as they advanced on one another again. 
The first page of a three-part commission from :icondrawing-4ever:, showing my character Kale Jumper boxing his character, Deborah the Cat. Expect two more really quick after this one!
Kira vs Taren by Taren14
Kira vs Taren
Just a request drawn by SuperMarioArtist on FurAffinity, showing my OC Taren the squirrel boxing Kira the lamb, owned by :icondepressedrabbit:. It looks pretty even so I've got no idea who's going to win, but neither one looks like they're ready to quit anytime soon!

Taren is owned by me, 

Kira is owned by :icondepressedrabbit:


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So yeah, I'm 19 today ^^ Going off to college next week, too.

So much stuff happening *o*

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