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Walker the Unicorn 2.0 by Taren14
Walker the Unicorn 2.0
So I've uploaded this guy before, in a previous commission given to me by Jitterbug Jive. This version is a new one of Walker, drawn by NovelT-Deer-Pony. This version isn't really a fighter like his predecessor, but he's still an accomplished mage from his various travels all over the world. He knows a good number of offensive and defensive spells, but he mostly prefers to talk his way out of a bad situation, and prefers staying in libraries and studies and academies rather than in the wilderness (though he has sometimes gone to isolated villages to learn magic from the locals), hence his clothes.

As you can see there's been multiple changes to him: He's more cheerful, for one thing, and is dressed more professionally, without that kind of dramatic cloak. There's also the splash of white on his muzzle.
West Wind the Pegasus by Taren14
West Wind the Pegasus
So, this here is a commissioned drawing made for me by :iconthe-chibster:, showing one of the newest characters that I've come up with, West Wind the pegasus. 

West Wind is the eldest son of an earth pony father and a pegasus mother, inheriting his mom's wings but his dad's size (he's about as big as Big Macintosh). He has a younger brother named Rocket who's also a pegasus but smaller and slimmer than he is. West Wind was around eight years old when his parents divorced, parting amicably because West Wind's dad believed that he couldn't give his mom the life she wanted and wanted her to be happy and able to do what she wanted. West Wind still holds a grudge against his dad for it, and the two normally don't talk much because of it. West Wind lives in Ponyville and works at the hospital there as a pediatrician, which ties into his cutie mark; he's good at taking care of ponies and is even better at keeping them calm and happy, which he decided to put to use comforting foals that were in the hospital and scared of what they might be there for, which has won him a lot of respect and love around town. He got his cutie mark after he once stayed home from school to help his sick mom when he was little. He doesn't like the heart part of his cutie mark because he thinks pink is girly.

Despite West Wind's size he's not a bully or a confident stallion at all, really. He's actually got self esteem issues because his size causes him to not be as fast as a normal pegasus might be, and not able to do very many stunts. Despite this he loves Rocket and his half-brother Starry Sky (the son of his mom's second husband, a bat pony) with all of his heart, and normally serves as their voice of reason that they can always come to for advice. He's really a big softy at heart, though he can be fierce if you make him angry, especially if you try and hurt or insult his brothers or mother. Though his birth dad is from Appleloosa he doesn't really have the accent for it, though if he gets excited or angry enough it'll start slipping back in. 


United States
Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Instrumental
Favourite photographer: Don't know anyone famous
Favourite style of art: The art of literature
MP3 player of choice: I have an Ipod
Shell of choice: Don't really collect shells
Wallpaper of choice: Dark blue PAINT
Skin of choice: Potato, because nothing else retains the taste after you salt it
Favourite cartoon character: Don't really watch cartoons anymore
Personal Quote: "Mel Gibson's a black actor! Isn't he?"
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Criken videos
  • Playing: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
So yeah, I'm 19 today ^^ Going off to college next week, too.

So much stuff happening *o*

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